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Federal Gold Coin Is a utility symbolic that depends on the Polygon, BEP 20, ERC 20 & Guara (GRC 20) Blockchain involving their extremely helpful vehicle for bona fide craftsman work.

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Why to choose Federal Gold Coin

The Federal Gold is a progressive business module for strong community by accommodating blockchain innovation for Global Businesses Market. Federal Gold projects are recorded in Federal Gold Web3 and Super Dapps which is connected to true wares through blockchain to add dependability to its environment by supporting actual item creation, like gold, minerals, properties, petroleum gas, and agrobusiness and many more future ventures to come.The Federal Gold environment benefits from the actual creation of these products by supporting true activities that create income. These certifiable ware creation projects benefit Super Dapp's clients around the world.

What Makes Federal Gold Unique?

Safe and Secure

Transparency & Immutability

Blockchain ensures transparent, immutable transaction record keeping.

Instant Exchange

Market Analysis

Guidance for investment strategies through analysis and experts. .

Strong Network


Cryptocurrency's decentralization fosters autonomy, resilience against single-entity manipulation or control.

Mobile Apps

Predefined Supply Of Coins

Cryptos' limited supply boosts value through scarcity.

Margin Trading


"Crypto enables global transfers and international remittances."

Token Allocation

We allocated 5% for private sales, 20% for the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 25% for distribution, 20% for the developers and team, 10% for business development, 5% for the core committee, 5% for charity, and 10% for airdrop initiatives.

We've strategically divided our token distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the best and most frequently asked questions and added them here for you.

A sponsor is someone who recruits a member into the network and becomes a part of the Affiliate program network. The so-recruited members will be added to the downline slots and this sponsor will be beneficial out of it directly with bonuses and commissions.
The members above this particular member are known as upline members and those who are beneath this member are known as downline members.
A party plan is a marketing plan where a host sells the product in a party or similar events with the help of an organization. It’s a part of direct selling and the income is driven from both independent and from the sales of recruited people. The host of the event is given an opportunity to become a distributor and a company representative will be there to monitor things (not followed by everyone). With neat presentation and marketing skills, the host will make product sells from the guest line-up. To easily organize and manage the party, a Party plan software come in handy.
Members who keep a state of selling throughout the period of time are “active members” and those members will be ideal for marketing. Those members who are not making regular sales or not even single sales will be tagged as “inactive members”.
A compensation plan in simple terms can be defined as a marketing plan that gives the admin about how the whole business works with the criteria for earning compensations, the business architecture, package upgrades and much more.
An Initial Coin Offering, or an ‘ICO’ is a way of raising money. The money is raised by selling a new type of ‘coin’, ‘virtual currency’ or ‘token’ (for ease, this document will use the word token). The money raised by selling tokens could then be used by the persons raising the money for many different purposes. ICOs may also be called ‘token sales’, ‘coin sales’ or something similar.
A common similarity among all ICOs is the issuance of new token in exchange for money, for another cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) or in exchange for goods or services.
Anyone interested in crypto for beginners should know the following: Cryptocurrency, generally referred to as crypto, is a type of payment, which can circulate without a central monetary authority like a bank or government. It is a digital asset comprising highly encrypted and secure online transactions. Unlike traditional currencies, crypto is decentralised and is typically finite in number. It is sometimes equated to precious metals, including gold and silver. This currency is typically created through mining involving a complex problem-solving process usually solved by powerful computers. Essentially, when you exchange cryptocurrency, more of it is introduced in the world. Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to manage and record transactions. There are over 10,000 listed cryptocurrencies with a total worth exceeding $1.7 trillion, with Bitcoin being the largest traded cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, followed by Ethereum and Tether.
Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and U.S. dollar stablecoins like USDT and USDC are the most common methods of payment for token sales. In some cases, payment is accepted in local currencies like dollars or euros
Crypto tokens are digital assets that are built on top of an existing blockchain (using smart contracts) and can serve a wide variety of functions, from representing a physical object to granting access to platform-specific services and features.
You will be able to see your token balance once you have
A sponsor is someone who recruits a member into the network and becomes a part of the Affiliate program network. The so-recruited members will be added to the downline slots and this sponsor will be beneficial out of it directly with bonuses and commissions.